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Japanese Supplements

           According to WHO, the average life span of Japanese people was 83.7 years old which was the longest in the world in 2016. The same study says that the average life span of Thai people was 74.9 years old which was 70th longest in the world.

While Japan and Thailand share similar cultures, religions and value, what makes the average life spans of the 2 nations different? In addition to main factors like food, life styles and climate, varieties of supplements Japanese people take everyday can be another factor.

           To help Thai people have healthier and longer life span, we set up a Joint Venture company with a Thai marketing company in April 2017 to import Japanese supplements.

The JV company, Nippon-Thai Wellness Co., Ltd., became the first and only member of Japan Nattokinase Association (http://j-nattokinase.org/en/jnka_member.html) and now is preparing to import Natto Soybean Powder supplement which can prevent thrombosis. Nippon-Thai Wellness Co., Ltd will import more supplements from Japan to help Thai people have healthier and longer lives.


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