Medical Project

We cooperate with Hanno Geriatric Center in Saitama, Japan to provide better and more experienced medical care for Thai elderly people.


Hanno Geriatric Center was established in 1997 as one of the first Geriatric Hospitals focus on treatments for especially elderly people who have Dementia, Alzheimer and other geriatric diseases. (

Geriatrics is medical care which provide treatments and service to keep dignity of the elderly for the rest of their lives.


As a first step, we set up a Joint Venture company with a Thai company, Vejpong Pharmacy Co., Ltd., on May 1, 2017.


The JV company, Hanno-Vejpong Geriatric Center (Thailand) Co., Ltd., ( was set up to start facilities which are day-care as well as long-stay nursing care centers for elderly people who have the geriatric diseases.

The first facility opens in Ekamai-RamIntra area next to the Central Festival East Ville Department store. 

Speciality of the facility is providing Japanese warm and individualised services and quality of the services will be well-maintained by regular checks and trainings supported by Hanno Geriatric Center in Japan.


            While the median age of Japan is 45 years old and more than 25% of the total population is 65 years old or over in 2015, Thailand is also becoming an aging society as the median age of Thailand is 38.5 years old and around 11% (7.5 Million people) of the total population is 65 years old or older in 2016.

In 2040, the population of 65 years old or over can be more than 25% (18 million people) of the total population in Thailand.


Age structure in Thailand is following what is happening in Japan now and hospitals which provide proper geriatric medical care are urgently needed in Thailand.

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